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FF: Answers, Pd 12/?, PG, Booth, Parker, Rebecca, and Oc's, chymom - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: Answers, Pd 12/?, PG, Booth, Parker, Rebecca, and Oc's, chymom [Sep. 11th, 2013|08:42 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: Answers
Series: PD 12/?
People: Booth, Parker, Rebecca, and Oc's
Disclaimer: i don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Beta: My iPad and I
Summary: Rebecca gets more answers. But as she gets more answers she is left with more questions.

"Would you like some coffee and pie as we talk?" Rebecca asked the other mother sitting with her.
"Thank you." The woman replied before both women placed their orders.
"A few months ago you sent me a video. Why did you do that?" Rebecca asked once they were alone.
"For two reasons one being she was there with your ex. The other for safety."
"What does her being there with Seeley have to do with sending it to me?"
"When my ex had his girl of the month go to school to see our kids with him I wanted to know. If only to be prepared for the questions of why daddy had a new woman with him."
"I see your point in that. Thank you but Seeley and Brennan have been partners for years."
"And your alright with her being around Parker?" That was the elephant in the room was she truly alright with her around her son?
"She helps him with his school work."
"And then daddy pays her with sex later?" The mother said with a serious expiration.
"What they do or did on their own time I don't want to know." Rebecca said as their pies and coffee's arrived.
"You said something about safety as well?"
"Yes, for Mr Green and this Brennan right?"
"Yes it's Dr Brennan but, that's her why safety?"
"A few months back one of the single moms met Mr Green. He's a nice looking single man. He's not got a lot of money but he's not dirt poor either. He has a job and is great with kids. He would be a great catch for anyone."
"So he's a good man. Why the worry?"
"As I said a single mom met him. Her son isn't in his room so she started talking to him. At first it was both of them interested and openly talking but,a few weeks into their talking something changed. The mom stopped calling him. She even started hiding from him when she had to come to school."
Rebecca knew something's didn't get around school to kids and parents but if a teacher did something wrong or hurtful she would have heard about it right?
"Mr Green kept calling her and driving by her place. He even sent a few notes home with her son asking her to call him. All in all it boiled down to she found some one else and Mr Green wouldn't let it go." The other woman took a few bites of her pie before speaking again.
"One day when Mr Green sent a note home it happened to be the new boyfriend who found it in the trash later on. He came to school the next day out for blood." The mom kept talking about that day looking over Rebecca's head lost in her memories.
"The guy talked to the office and then had Mr Green brought down. The long and short of it was this man told Mr Green to back off and leave his family alone. As it turned out he was the ex husband of hers that had gotten his head on right when she and her son left him. So when faced with the facts Mr Green agreed to stop trying to see the woman."
"Did he stop?"
"After he tried one last time to talk to her the dad came back to the school to with draw his son. Also to tell Mr Green he and his family weren't going to press charges if he left them alone. But, if they even thought he was near any if them again he would be behind bars before he could say it wasn't me."
"So with no charges filed there was no reason for anyone else to know about the whole mess?" Rebecca supplied.
"That's right"
"If I'm right how do you know about it?"
"The then single mom is now happily remarried to my brothers best friend."
"So you didn't want the words to become another he said she said argument?"
"Right, and I don't know Dr Brennan. She looked like she wanted to push him up against the closest wall to kiss him or rack him I couldn't tell you. But I learned with most events in and out of public it's better to have proof to back your clem then not." The next few minutes were passed quietly as each woman was lost in their own thoughts.
"Thank you for coming and letting me know."
"Rebecca, I know that Mr Green can be miss under stood some times but the truth needed to be told or in this case shown to you."
"The truth? Thank you for sharing it with me." She said paying for their order before they both left for home. For the first time the calmness of her home bothered her. Turning on the TV Rebecca went about her normal nightly way before finding herself alone in her own bed.
For Parker and Booth the night was busy. On the way home They stopped at a store to get some food and other items for the unexpected but grateful weekend. Once they arrived home Booth set out fixing dinner as Parker got to work on his home work. Before long dinner was done. The dishes washed and homework in the bag finished.
Saturday was filled with running small trips to the store or getting house keeping things done for Rebecca. No matter what she did her mind went back over and over the two talks she had, had yesterday. She had been so lost in thought she didn't hear her front door unlock or her husband come into the room with her.
For Parker Saturday meant play time. Some how he talked his dad into renting a few games and they spent much of their day playing them. Lunch came and went with out much fuss so had the frozen pizza they had for dinner. In fact they had been having so much fun either playing the games or chasing each other in the park that Booth hadn't checked on the time. That was until he saw his sons eyes were being held opened only by his fingers.
"Come on buddy. Lets get you in the bed."
"Do I have to?" Parker asked as he placed the controller he had up where he had gotten it.
"We have a big day tomorrow. First we have Mass. Then lunch and we need to double check that homework. You do have school on Monday."
"Can't I just stay here with you Monday?"
"Wouldn't you miss your friends? You would be a day behind in your work. Lets not forget about missing your mom."
"My friends would understand. My school work is easy to catch up on." Parker said heading into the bath room. After taking care of what he needed to he joined his father by his bed room door.
"And dad I wouldn't miss mom."
"You don't mean that. You love your mom!"
"I may love her but right now I don't miss her."
"That will change right now you can't see she loves you so much and is trying to look out for you. But when your older you will."
"By pushing Bones away? She's helping me by pushing away the only person who treats me as a grown up?"
"Your mom didn't make Bones leave you."
"You're right. She made her leave YOU!"
"No, your mom may have said something's she shouldn't have. She may have hurt mine and Bones feelings. But, Bones is the one who left. NO ONE forced her to leave."
"Mom might not of held a gun to her head but, she planted the seed of hopelessness."
"Parker, I love Bones but she chose to leave." Booth had thought about the day he would have this talk with someone. He just never thought it would be his son at midnight on a Saturday night.
"So your just going to let her leave? Didn't you tell me love is worth fighting for?"
Parker's words hit home in his fathers heart.
"Right now Bones has asked for space. After the hurtful things she heard and the pain I know is to come. I think she needs some time and space to get her head back in place."
"That's it your letting her go cause mom said so?"
"No, I'm letting Bones have some time."
"Then what?"
"If she's not home by next Saturday I will use every thing I can to find her and bring her home. Kicking and screaming if I have to. But I'm bringing her home soon!"
"Knuckles" Parker said before turning and heading to bed. Leaving his father lost in thought as he passed him by.
A/N: What has Rebecca deiced to tell Drew? How can she truly answer the other moms question? Later is an old friend the missing key to reconnecting Bones with her family?
Thank you to everyone who has or will read this story. Any and all Honest feedback is welcome.
I had a reviewer who remained me of a few things. First rule I have is I write the story for me. If others like it Great but if I don't like it then my heart won't be in it. And if writers can't take Honest feedback then they shouldn't be writing. I'm not talking about the (I hate your story. Or the you stink.) I'm talking about if the writer skips over something. Or if they get to focused on one thing and leave other parts out.
As a writer of fan fiction you don't get paid! It's for fun and enjoyment. If that joy is lost because you the reader can't see what we as writers see in our minds then its not a job well done. And the writer needs to know what's wrong to fix it.
I have been writing for years now. I'm by NO means a great writer but, I know if no one tells you where you missed the mark. Then you don't know you missed the mark. I know you could say that it is easy for me to say (well type) this don't get me wrong I have had some many hard times in my writing where honest feedback stinks to get. But if you never make mistakes how do you learn from them?
One last thing before I get off my soap box. Don't be scared to ask questions of any writer. Be it in the review, PM, or in an email, some people might view the questions as a bother. But to me and a few other writers I know, questions show us if we're missing something and what you as readers are seeing as you read our work.
Thanks for listing or reading this! Looking forward to any and all honest feedback and questions you might have.