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FF: A Heart to Heart, PD 14/?, Booth, Parker, Bones, Rebecca, Cam, Angela, and Jack, PG, chymom - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: A Heart to Heart, PD 14/?, Booth, Parker, Bones, Rebecca, Cam, Angela, and Jack, PG, chymom [Sep. 22nd, 2013|07:31 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: A Heart to Heart
Series: PD 14/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Beta: My iPad and I
Rating: PG
Summary: Some one has a heart to heart. Who and why?
People: Booth, Cam, Parker, Bones, Rebecca, Angela, and Jack

A Heart to Heart
Sunday morning came early for the Booth boys after the late night. Parker's night was spent dreaming of a future he wanted. Booth's night was spent tossing and turning. When he did sleep his sons words came to him. Was he really letting his exs run his life? Most Sunday mornings breakfast was a donut or something small on the way out the door at his fathers. However, this morning Parker found a table full of Eggs, Bacon,  toast, pancakes, milk, and juice.
"Wow dad!"
"I was up and hungry." Booth spoke sitting across from his son.
"How long before we need to leave?"
"We have time to eat and for you to get a quick shower if that's what your asking." The next few minutes past with father and son each lost in thought. With the food gone from his plate Parker excused himself.
With his son in the shower Booth spent his time cleaning the table from  their meal. Soon each had completed their tasks and were  heading out the door. The ride to Mass was filled with talk about what the rest of the day would be like. Heading in to church neither Booth noticed the person a few people behind them watching them.
The word from the pulpit that day spoke of forgiveness and love.  The priest spoke about the woman who was tossed at Jesus feet for sleeping around. The main words both father and son picked up on were. "He that is with out Sin throw the first stone." It turned out as much as they hated this woman and what she stood for no one was with out sin.
The person watching them kept looking from them to the front of the room. They let what they heard go into their mind as they watched the two they had come for. After the services Parker looked to his right and quickly took off running.
"Parks!" His dad yelled as he chased his son.
"Son stop! What's wrong?"
"When we sat down this morning I felt some one watching me. At first I thought it was you. Then when I looked up you weren't looking at me. So when I felt it again and saw again you weren't looking at me I looked around. I saw a lady who looked out of place. Just a moment ago I thought  I saw Bones. But why would she be here dad? Didn't you say she didn't believe in God?"
"Bones is a Scientist son. She believes in things she can touch, see, and feel. Some times things change her mind but its not easy to do! She loves you son! If she was here she was keeping an eye on you."
"She loves you too dad!"
"I know son it's just hard sometimes when you get older. Life has a way of changing what you think you need and what you really need."
"Is that away of saying that your not sure you love Bones?"
"You and Bones are the two most important people in my life! I love you both. It's just right now Bones and I have to work on something's."  Neither of them noticed the topic of their discussion a few feet away from them.  Turning to go she lightly blew a kiss to them before she left them alone.
The rest of the day was spent as Booth had said checking home work and having time they had missed out on. Monday bright and early they both headed to  Parker's school. As Booth pulled away his phone came to life.
"We have a case. It's at the junction  of Simple and Third streets." Hanging up Booth made his way to the location.
"What's the word Cam?" He asked getting into his working mode. He listened to her talk and spent the next few minutes finding out what he could about the latest victim
"May I help you?" Jack asked the lady standing at the entrance to the lab.
"Is Brennan here?" She asked.
"Yes, is she expecting you?" He asked walking with her into his wife's work area.
"No , but I do need to speak with her if I could please."
"Let me see if I can find her. If you will wait here please." Jack didn't say a word to his wide eyed wife as he left the visitor in her office.
"Can I help you?" Angela asked.
"I'm looking for Brennan. When I asked about her that man brought me in here to wait."    
"That man is my husband. Why do you need to see Bren?"
"Rebecca, is something wrong?" Bones asked entering the room.
"Yes, I haven't been honest with you. Do you have some place we can talk for a few minutes?"
"Ang I could use your help for a minute." Jack spoke from the doorway.
"You can stay in here as long as you need." She told them both.
"Cam said Booths on his way to drop Wendell off." Angela whispered to Bones as she passed her.
"What do you mean you haven't been honest with me?" She asked showing Rebecca to the couch in her friends office.
"When you first met  Seeley I thought you would stay for a few weeks then leave. But you didn't. You also didn't put up with the stunts he likes to pull."
"At first it was easy to not judge you. I didn't know you except from Seeley then later Parker's words. When you first met Parker he was taken by you. You do know that right?"
"He was four when I met him."  Bones said shaking her head.
"He would tell me all about your time with him. That was fine cause you helped him with things I couldn't." Taking a  deep breath she went on.
"Then every week my son couldn't wait for his time with his dad."
"Booth loves Parker that's understandable." Bones assured her.
"Yes, but it wasn't just his father he was looking forward to seeing."
"You. Even before you and Seeley took the step to being a great couple. And as mad as I was about things these last few months even I saw how much in love you and he are. How good of a pair you both are together. My son started out loving you from the start!"
"I love Parker and Booth! They have both shown me many things in life."
"As you have shown them in return!" Rebecca smiled as she spoke.
"I haven't helped that much." Bones said looking at her face.
"You don't know what you have one for my son do you?"
"I'm not sure what you mean?"
"That's what has bugged me for months. I thought you were doing things with him to....  " She cleared her dry throat.
"I wasn't trying to do anything but help him." Bones spoke up.
"I know that now. What's the saying hine sights 20/20?"
"I'm sorry?" Rebecca heard her say before looking at the lost look on the other woman's face.
"It just means I wish I had known now what I didn't months ago."
"If you knew it now. Why would you want to know it months ago?" Bones asked.
"For months I thought you being with Seeley meant that you were trying to replace me." There she had said it. Now the silence in the room was hard to handle.
"Rebecca, you gave birth to him! You raised him up till he went to school! You showed him how to dress himself, how to walk, talk, and how to respect others."
"I think Seeley had more to do with the respect then I did." Both women laughed at her words.
"I'm only here to help pass on what I know. I love Parker but, I could never think of trying to replace the place in his life and heart that is yours."
"It sounds silly to say it out loud and for months I couldn't put a name to it. But that's why I was acting so bad."
"Rebecca I love Booth and Parker. I will do anything in my power to keep them safe! But never once have I thought about or tried to replace you!"
"Again looking back at how I acted I can see that my fears were just that fears and not coming true."
"May I ask you something?" Bones asked point blank.
"Anything" she answered.
"What happened on Parents Day?"
"That's a great question and up until Saturday night a hard one for me to answer." When Bones started to respond Rebecca held her hand up.
"That's a day I'm not proud of how I reacted. Mr Green I have been told is a great teacher. But not so great at finding a wife. It's important that you know I didn't know this about him when this all started. Yes, I had heard rumors but, there are rumors about me going around the school. Most of the time they hold little to no truth to them!" At Bones  nod of understanding she went on.
"A mother of one of Parker's friends recorded you talking to him. Do you remember what you said?"
"That since it was Parents Day it would stand to reason I was a parent."
"That's right. That coupled with the past fears that weren't true but, at the time felt true to me pushed me to the wrong answer. I now know you were trying to be nice and get him away from you without making a big deal. Cause I have seen you flip men bigger then Seeley in self defense."
"That time I showed Parker how to do that." Bones said more to her self then anyone else.
"Yes, that was when. I know Seeley would have gotten involved if he needed to. But, the way you handled it was just great! But at the time I didn't know what was going on. There for I took it the wrong way."
"What are you trying to tell me?" Bones asked seeing Booth pass by the door.
"I was wrong. Your not trying to replace me or take my son from me. I made a mistake. Is there away for me to fix it?" It took Bones a few minutes to respond.
"Are you sure that you don't mind me around? I am away right now from them. I could stay away and let Booth find someone else. But, I can't get close to him or Parker again and then leave."
"Brennan, your not just the woman that Seeley loves. Your more then the woman that helps Parker with his sports and school work. Your a great woman who is loved by both of them." At her words Bones eyes dropped to the floor.
"What I'm saying is there is enough room for all of us in Parker's life. Now don't get me wrong he's still my son. I still get the last say in what he can and can't do. But you have some knowledge and have been places I haven't. You have some things to pass on to him as well."
"Rebecca, be sure that this is what you truly want. Cause as much as I respect you I WILL NOT BACK OUT OF THEIR LIFE'S AGAIN!"
"Your more forgiving then I would be." Angela said from the door way. Where she was standing any one passing by couldn't see into her offices couch.
"I'm sure Brennan. It may have taken me months to see the light but I see it clearly and without blinders. I'm not saying it will be easy for us at first. But, as time goes by things will work out. Cause we both want the same thing." At the two women's confused looks she answered their unspoken question.
"For Parker to feel safe and loved."  Bones again nodded her head.
"Rebecca your right. But, ill give you until this weekend to make sure your all right with me being in their lives. After that all bets are off." Bones said standing.
"Thank you for listing to me. If I can do anything to make up for the jerk I have been please let me know."
"For now be sure what you want. Other then that like you said the rest will work itself out!"
"Actually it was Drew who told me that. Do you know that not only have  Parker and Seeley been upset with me but my husband as well." The surprised look on the other women's faces didn't upset her.
"Yea, he told me I was out of line. That what I was doing was wrong. If I had listened to him this mess might never have happened. I need to go. Thank you again for your time Brennan and the use of your office ma'am. " Rebecca said walking out the door.
A/N: Whats going on with the Booth guys? Does Rebecca hold up her end or does she fall back in fear again? Later: An old friend helps out in more ways then he/she knows.
Thanks to everyone who has read or will read this story. Any and all Honest feedback is welcome!