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FF: Talking, PD 15/?, Booth, Bones, and Parker, G, chymom - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: Talking, PD 15/?, Booth, Bones, and Parker, G, chymom [Oct. 1st, 2013|08:36 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: Talking
Series: PD 15/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or thing you already know.
Summary: Bones makes a call.
Beta: My iPad and I
People: Booth, Bones, and Parker
Rating: G
A/N: Life has a way of letting you know when to make a post.
The week flew by and once again Parker had spent the weekend with his father. Booth had given Bones enough of a break in his sons mind. But, as he himself had found out over the years of the hard working partnership their time and Bones time aren't always the same.
"Dad, when will she be home?"
"Soon son, very soon." At least I hope so he had whispered under his breath as his son headed out the car door Monday morning.
Like Bones had said the last week she had kept to herself or at Angela's and Jacks. She didn't let Booth or Parker know where she was. Not from Booths lack of trying mind you. He had gone as far one night of staking out the lab to see if she was hiding there.
"Booth"  He Answered  looking at the tv he saw the ten o'clock news was on.
"Hello" came the shy reply that had him Instantly standing.
"It's me Booth."
"Your back?"
"Yes, I have been back for a few days."
"A few days, why are you just now calling me?"
"Lots of reasons. But, there are something's we need to talk about."
"Are you going to be home tonight?"
"I'm already home."
"Then why are you calling instead of waking me up in person?"
"Booth, I said I was at home, not with you." It took her words a few seconds to sink in.
"Why aren't you staying here?"
"Like I said we have something's we need to talk about. I think we need to get them worked out before we get back under the same roof." She was right and they both knew it but, that didn't help the hurt they both felt.
"Your right. When would you like to talk about things? I'm assuming that nows not the time."
"How about we meet at The Diner for breakfast?"
"We could"
"I'll see you around eight then."
"How do you know if I have a case right now or not?"
"You just finished a case.  Normally you sleep in the next morning then we eat at The Diner." The know it all voice would normally upset him. However, tonight it just reminded them both how alone they each  felt.    
The silence that  had crept into the line after they agreed to meet was getting louder with each second. It didn't surprise either one of them when they both said goodnight at the same time. With the call ended Booth sat back down in his chair thinking about what he would say in a few hours. Bones laid in her big lonely bed holding a pillow to her side thinking about what she wanted to say.
The morning seemed to take forever to get there but, it seemed like they had just closed their eyes at the same time. For Booth a quick shower and shave were finished in record time before walking out the door. Bones had freshened up, checked her outfit for lose threads, and made sure lights were out before she headed to The Diner.
"Bones!" He said hugging her.
"Bones, what happened?"
"What do you mean?"
"Why did you leave? I thought we were passed this."
"Booth, when we first met things went great with everyone."
"Why do I feel like you mean Rebecca when you say everyone?"
"Her included. Over the years we grew closer as work partners first. Then friends and then partners  in life." She watched his nod before she went on.
"Some where along the way things changed." Holding up her hand to stop him from speaking. She corrected what she knew he had miss heard.
"Something happened but not with the way I feel for you! The people around us and in our life's changed. Parker got older and wanted more time. As a growing boy should. But this helped make a small feeling bigger. Then some where along the way a seed of misgiving was planted and a few months ago it grew."
"Bones, what are you talking about?"
"Rebecca didn't understand the part she played in her own sons life any more. Things happen to a child when they get older. They still need to know mom and dad are near by but boys seem to get closer to dads and girls get closer to moms."
"So Rebecca didn't understand what was going on with Parks. Why would you have to leave?"
"That's just it Booth. She saw Parker's reaching out to you as a need to move on and leave her behind."
"So the reason you left was my ex needs to work out her issues?"
"Yes and no!"
"I'm confused why did you leave?"
"Part so that Rebecca would let you see Parker. But I didn't want to be the reason you didn't get your family."
"My family?"
"Booth, you have always said family comes first."
"Yes and you don't think that I consider you as part of my family?"
"I'm part of your work family."
"Bones, your more the part of my work family. I love you! My job our jobs are hard enough with the shooting and danger we face day in and day out. I need someone at home to help me make since of why things happen."
"I love you too but, Parker is your son and me being here was making it to where you couldn't see him."
"Again that's Rebecca's fault not yours. You have done nothing but support and love my son and I! If that's not good enough for her then SHE needs to leave. I love you Bones I wish you had talked to me before you left."
"And if I had you would have done what hum?"
"I don't know but letting you run away wouldn't have been on the list."
"We both know she was saying leave me or you won't see him until you do."
"Yes that's what she was saying but, if you and I had talked things out instead of you running off we might have found a different way to handle things." He paused a moment before he kept going.
"In family you can't shoot first and ask questions later. It turns out like the mess we're in now."
"I was just doing what I felt was best for everyone." The hurt tone in her voice not well hidden.
"That's just it you did what YOU thought was right! It wasn't."
"Booth I'm sorry I'm not the perfect mate for you but things happen and we can't change the past."
"No we can't." The fall of her face left her feelings in the open.
"We can learn and grow from it." He said paying for their food.
"What are you saying? That you don't want to be with me again?"
"No Bones,  I don't want to be with you again." This time the hurt and anger was replaced by the feeling of loss clearly in her eyes.
"I understand."
"I don't want to try again Bones, cause you and I never stopped being together."
"But I left?"
"So we took a break. Now I'm not saying we can go back to what we had. But maybe we could make something stronger."
"I would like that." Bones said as they headed to Booths  SUV.
"I would too. But, as you said we need to work something's out first. For now I think it's best if we start out slow and see what happens." Booth's words even if it was what they both knew were true still hurt them.
"I agree. What about Parker?"
"What about him?"
"Should I try to see him?"
"For now I thing letting him know your safe and back at work should be alright. Everything else can be worked out later. You didn't just hurt me when you left Bones. You hurt him as well. We know you were only a call away but, you left him alone. There are something's and hurts that only time can heal."
"Thanks for meeting me." She said hugging him goodbye before he got in his SUV.
"Any time Bones anytime. Call me when your ready we will head out for a few drinks or something." Booths last words brought tears to her eyes as she watched the man she loved drive away.
A/N: What happens when Parker finds out Bones is back? How do the dates go? Later: why is Bones in a graveyard?
Thanks to everyone who has or will read this story! Any and all HONEST feedback is welcome!

[User Picture]From: mendenbar01
2013-10-09 10:17 pm (UTC)
Booth has a very valid point. Communication can often solve problems better than running (of course, some "communications" are worse.)
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[User Picture]From: chymom
2013-10-10 12:46 am (UTC)
Thanks for the feedback! Yes sometimes talking is worse but, what makes some things worse then others? Next chapter gives a few ideas.
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