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FF: An agreement found, PD 16/?, PG, Parker, Booth, Rebecca, Sweets, and Oc - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: An agreement found, PD 16/?, PG, Parker, Booth, Rebecca, Sweets, and Oc [Oct. 9th, 2013|08:42 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: An agreement found
Series: PD 16/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Rating: PG
Beta: My iPad and I
Summary: Things are now changing for Booth. Are they good or bad changes? What's Parker think of Bones being home?
People: Parker, Booth, Rebecca, Sweets, and Oc

An agreement found
Booths day had started out well. Bones was home. Maybe not staying with him again yet but, she was home with the people that loved her! His morning had been spent doing paperwork. Around lunchtime an old war buddy showed up at his door.
"Well as I live and breathe." Was as far as the man got before being pulled into a welcoming hug.
"Hey man. What's it been two years?" Booth asked sitting on the top of his now cleared desk.
"Four but who's counting." His friend replied taking one of the visitors chairs.
"What brings you to see me? Your not in trouble again are you?"
"Can't an old friend just drop by?" The man asked smiling at Booth.
"An old friend yea. You not normally."
"Believe it or not Seeley I'm visiting my daughter."
"You have a child here?"
"She keeps telling me after she joined the FBI she's not a child anymore."
"Kids are always kids no matter the age." Booth smiled speaking as much to his friend as himself.
"True but given how I met the guy she's seeing I guess I have to admit she's not as young as she use to be."
"I take it she didn't know daddy was coming?"
"Oh she knew. I'm just not sure the good doctor knew." They spent the next few minutes swapping story's of the past few years.
"I hate to say hello and run but, the new mans taking us to lunch to try and make up for his blunder in judgement the other day." No sooner had the man got the words out then a couple  entered the office talking.
"There you are dad." His daughter spoke not taking her eyes away from the other person with her.
"Mr. Beck, there is a little place a few miles away that's got great food!" The man said before looking up as his words were met with silence.
"Sweets? Your the new boy friend?" Booth smiled once he got his mouth to work.
"You two know each other?"  His friend asked smiling.
"Sweets, Dr. Sweets helps my team out sometimes on cases. Trust me she could do a lot worse." He said smiling to his friend and laying a hand to the young doctors shoulder.
"If you got Booth's okay I guess I can overlook how we met. But don't push for much room yet boy." The man said pulling his child to one side and Sweets to his other walking out the door.
The rest of Booth's afternoon went by much the same as his morning had. It was nearing two in the afternoon when his cell rang out.
"Seeley, I'm tied  up at work. Drew can't get home for three maybe four more hours. Could you pick up Parker from school and keep him until six for me please?" His ex asked.
"Yes, does he have anything after school today?"
"No, just homework. He has a report due in a few weeks he needs to at least start researching for."
"Alright, call when your ready for him to come home. I'll feed him tonight."
"Thanks, I owe you one." She said before hanging up.
"Dad!" Parker exclaimed running into his fathers open arms.
"Hey buddy. Your mom said you need help looking up things for a report. How about we get a snack and then head home to get the ball rolling."
"Dad, no one says that any more. Did they say that way back when the first ball was rolled?" His smile lighting up his face as they left his school.
"Yes, how about this then? Lets get this show on the road."
The rest of the ride home was as easy going. The research went well soon Booth was learning more from his son then the other way around. After a few hours of looking online and in a few books the pair was ready for a dinner break. The planned stop for a snack after school hadn't happened due to a miss turn. Instead of looping back the pair had headed home.
After a quick chicken fingers and chips for Parker and leftovers  for Booth the rest of the homework they both had was started. It didn't take long for Parker to finish his. Booth was finishing up a report as his cell rang. It was Rebecca letting him know she was home.
"Dad, is Bones home?" Parker asked as they were heading to Parkers home.
"She's staying with a friend but, yes she's back in town!"
"Why hasn't she called me?"
"Right now Bones and I are working something's out. After that happens I'm sure she'll call you buddy."
"But, she nor I did anything wrong dad. Please ask her to call me." The pent up tears in both men's eyes twinkling as the SUV pulled up the drive at Parker's.
"It's not that easy son." He said turning off the SUV.
"Why can't it be that easy?"
"It just isn't."
"Can't you make it that way please dad. I want to see her. I miss her so much!"
"Buddy, sometimes things aren't fair. This is one of those times. I promise she will call you soon." Watching his sons body tense Booth walked over hugged him then motioned for his ex to join him by the SUV. Parker simply hugged his father back before storming in the front door past a confused mom and step dad.
"What's wrong with him?" Rebecca asked standing by her ex.
"Do you have to ask?"
"She and I talked this morning. We agreed to start slow and see where things go."
"What happens if this time things still don't work out like you want?"
"They will work out fine between Bones and I. It's just when others start trouble between us we have issues."
"Seeley, I'm sorry for the way I was these past few months. Stress is hard but fear is even harder to over come."
"So is your green eyed monster hidden now?"
"Yes and I deserved that. Now things are going to be better. Drew reminded me the other day how unfair I was being to you! You had to let Drew into Parker's life. I gave you no choice. But, you didn't do the same thing with Dr Brennan to me. You let me know she would be around him upfront. Then over the years things became second nature with her."
"Yes second nature alright. In away I guess you being the over protective mom did me a favor."
"Why would you say that? I would say it hurt you by the way I handled things."
"You did. But, you also showed me how blind I had been. Bones and I didn't choose to move the relationship on to living together out of our love. At first it was my need of a place. Then later it was just what happened. She is still that scared little girl that is always looking for me or anyone else to leave her."
"No she's not Seeley!"
"Then why on Earth did she run? Hum can you answer that? Why did she not trust me enough to sit down and talk things out before running off?"
"She loves you almost as much as your son does!"
"Bones loves me I know. But is our love enough to make her change?"
"Deep down you don't want her to change and we both know it! Seeley she didn't leave you to hurt you."
"Alright Doctor why did she leave me, Parker, her friends, and a job she loves then? If it wasn't that her fight or flight button got pushed what was it?"
"Love? Love what?"
"Love is why she left you. Love is why she came back. And love is why you will still be with her when you have to have help to get out of bed in the morning."
"I already need help some mornings!" He smiled for the first time in their talk.
"Seeley, Brennan loves you. She went away thinking it would let you keep your son in your life. That given the choice you would choose him over her."
"Which I guess she's right in away. I love her but, Parker's my son. I'm not sure what I would have done."
"She was telling you she wanted your happiness over her own."
"Bones, always puts others before herself."
"And seeing the man you love hurt and the only way to help is to let him go! That is the biggest love of all. I'm not sure Drew and I have that strong of love."
"But, she left with out talking with me first. We might have found another way to solve the issue."
"Yes, but her past and her future were both staring at her. You can't stand here and tell me that if you could help Brennan the most by letting her go you wouldn't."
"Again it didn't help me."
"But it did Seeley. It took her leaving and everyone to be upset at me for me to see the light. If you had both stayed here I'm not sure if we would be talking right now. We might be in a court battle over our son."
"Your right. I need to run. If you need me to get him again let me know." He smiled and headed towards home.
A/N: How will things turn out for B&B? Will Parker understand why Bones is taking baby steps back into his life?
Thanks to everyone who has and will read this. Any and all honest feedback is welcome!

[User Picture]From: blazeoffire
2014-06-08 01:40 pm (UTC)
I love it, it's fantastic. I'd love to read more of it :-)
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