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FF: Is it worth it? ,PD 17/?, Booth and Bones, Some adult talk with in, chymom - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: Is it worth it? ,PD 17/?, Booth and Bones, Some adult talk with in, chymom [Oct. 17th, 2013|07:34 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: Is it worth it?
Series: PD 17/?
Rating: T or adult talk with in the chapter.
Summary: Booth and Bones have a long awaited talk. What is it and why?
People: Bones and Booth
Beta: My iPad and I
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.

Is it worth it?

Over the next few months things returned to normal. True to Booths word he and Bones shared some easy fun nights out. They went from going to the firing range to dancing and dinner. Things were going so well in fact the partners no longer held the fear of what had happened.
"Booth, what's wrong?" Bones asked entering her office.
"Nothing's wrong."
"If all is right why were you studying my art wall so well then?"
"Do you remember the other day when Park's asked you to call him?"
"Yes, he just asked how I was and what I knew about London."
"Rebecca told me today she and Drew both got job offers."
"That's great! They are both good people who deserve every chance at a good life."
"Yes they do. But the reason he asked about London is that's where they might be going to."
"That's a great trip for a child Parkers age."
"Not a trip Bones. This would be for the next five to ten years."
"Yea, this is a big change. For the first time Rebecca asked what I thought about the chance of them moving."
"She's come along way since she wanted me out of your life."
"Yes, I'm glad for the change. I just hate the way it happened!"
"I said I'm sorry Booth."
"That's just  it Bones you have nothing to be sorry for! She was the one who was scared. She was the one who jumped with out finding out all the facts. And she's the one that pushed you out of Park's and my lives."
"But she also helped us. She showed us that as long as we have each other we can over come anything!"
"She shouldn't have pushed you away. She should have talked to us like the grown ups we are."
"Yes, she should have but in the last few months I think she's made up for that don't you?"
"Bone's she has let Parker talk to us on the phone. He's come over a few times and she even had us over for dinner a night or two. But, no matter what she does she can't make up for the hurt she put us in!"
"Do you feel the same way about me? I left you both. I hurt you both."
"Yes you did. But you did it to help us. She did it to protect herself. It had little to nothing to do with keeping Park's safe."
"I'm not going to do this again we both agree things could have been handled in a better way but that's in the past now. We can't change it. There's no use and beating a horse any more."
"Beating a dead horse Bones."
"Why would I beat a horse if it were already dead?"
"No, that's the saying Bones. When someone has been over and over the same thing. You don't want to beat a dead horse."
"Okay, I don't want to beat a dead horse. What's on your mind?"
"I have a good job here, your here, and the teams here."
"Who says a new job wouldn't be as good if not better? The team might not be there in person but I'm sure Cam's only a call away if you needed her."
"And you?"
"I love my life here! But, if you want to move to London I won't try and stop you."
"Would you go with me?"
"Yes, Booth I would. I will go any where, do anything, and be any one you need me to be. Don't forget they might not move at all."
"If they do. I have two choices. I can be here and video chat with my son and take trips to see him. Or leave my live here and move to be with him."
"Booth, I can't tell you what choice to make. I can tell you what ever happens   your son loves you. I love you. If nothing else remember your not alone!" Her words were followed by an earth shattering kiss.
"Your right. Thank you! How about Chinese for dinner?" Booth asked placing his hand on the small of her back as they left her office.
"Hum, how about you get take out and meet me at my place?" Bones asked as she climbed into her car.
"Alright I'll see you in half an hour." He said before kissing her.
Half an hour later her door bell rang making her laugh. No matter how many times she had told Booth to use the key she gave him he still rings the bell.
"Smells great! Do you still have the bag in your car?"
"My extra bag? Yes why?"
"It might be a good idea to bring it in now."
"Why would I need to bring it in?" He asked noticing for the first time what she had on or what she didn't have on would be the better word.
"Bones, you didn't just answer the door dressed like that did you?" His eyes darting around the living room.
"No I had this on." She said holding up her robe. As he quickly grabbed his bag from his car and rejoined her in the living room.
"What's wrong with this? It's my house, I'm home for the night, and the man I love is with me." She asked once the door was shut.
"There's nothing wrong with it."
"Then why are you blushing?"
"I'm not."
"Your face matches my top."
"Oh really? What's this tell you?" He asked pulling her back side flush to his growing front.
"Happy to see me?"
"No, not in the slightest." He spoke in between nibbles on her long neck and shoulders.
"We'll I guess this is for something else then?" She asked her hand wondering to the bulging in his jeans.
"It's for a woman I know in this smoking hot nighty!"
What ever her response might have been neither of them would know. As soon as his lips stopped speaking hers started moving down his neck.
Before long the short nibbles to each others necks and lips weren't enough for them. As he pulled the top strap of her nighty down their eyes met. Each asking the other if they were sure about this step. They had shared kisses and a few heated touches but hadn't yet crossed the line to lovers again. Now with the food in the kitchen and Booths bag on the living room floor the pair were on the thresh holds of doing just that.
The only answer he got was Bones pulling her top off and letting it fall to the floor bearing her chest for him to see. The bulge in his pants continued to grow as his eyes slowly drank in her hardening  nipples and full chest. His mouth watered at the sight before him.
It only took one small brush of her hand on his hardness for him to be down to his boxers and her naked in front of him. The love making was slow and easy at first. Then it seemed as if they were trying to win a long drooling race. The night full of love only stopped  at the rising son. During the night they had taken short breaks to eat or rest. As the first rays of sun crossed the lovers bed the pair drifted off into a well worn sleep.
A/N: This is not the end. Only a  chapter or two to go! How do things go from here?
Will Parker move?
Thank you to every one who has read and will read this story! Any and all honest feedback is welcome!

[User Picture]From: mendenbar01
2013-10-19 04:23 pm (UTC)
What kind of job would Booth get in London? He isn't a citizen so a lot of law enforcement type jobs would be out. And if they returned to the States after 10 or so years, he would be too old to get his job at the FBI back. Of course they could live off Brennan's royalties but I can't see Booth being that kind of person. I really think they should stay here and do what they do best. Parker can visit on holidays. They can visit on vacations etc. And Skype works just fine. What does it teach Parker if they abandon their vocations (and what they do, for them, really is a vocation, not just a job) to follow him for no better reason than he is going?
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