Bones, Bugs and Paradise.

Title: Bones, Bugs and Paradise.
Series: Standalone/short.
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or the things you already know about the show. This work is my own.
People: Mostly just Brennan.
Beta: Haven't got one, need one though.
Summary: Brennan attends to a case on her own, only to find that it's a bit bigger than expected.
Rating: PG

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Hodgens Kills Pelant!

As Dr. Jack Hodgens locks eyes with the monster that is Christopher Pelant, something happens deep inside his psyche that he may never understand. A flash of anger, a ball of rage rises in him that is so violent and massive it feels almost primal. He knows what he has to do. It isn’t an instinct, or even an attempt to prevent further loss of life, it is simply a necessity, something that absolutely has to be done. As he begins walking towards Pelant his entire demeanor transforms. Pelant’s trademark condescending smirk begins to droop as he slowly begins to grasp the fact that for once, just once, things might not go exactly as he planned. Hodgens is close now, he can see the uncertainty, but not yet fear, spread across Pelant’s boyish face. He enjoyed that Pelant had no clue what his immediate future looked like, that he had no idea how much time he didn’t have. Hodgens was close now, just a few feet away from doing the world a great service. Pelant was worried now, the doctor was getting too close, and there was something in his eyes that unnerved him. Hodgens sees Pelant shift his weight to the balls of his feet as if to turn and run, but much to Hodgens’ surprise he remains immobile. It occurs to Hodgens that Pelant’s conceit and self-assuredness will make it that much easier to kill him, the very traits that define him will in the end become his downfall.
Pelant and Hodgens are face to face now, staring into each others’ eyes both trying to cover up the fact that hey have absolutely no idea what the other will do next. Seeing no immediate action from Hodgens, Pelant smirks and opens his mouth to begin his planned mind games with the doctor. But before anything is said, before even a syllable can escape Pelant’s mouth, Dr. Hodgens’ hands are at his throat clamping down with a disproportionate amount of strength. Hodgens had no qualms about what he was doing. He felt no remorse, no pity, and certainly showed no hesitation in this uncharacteristically gruesome act. At first Pelant showed almost no reaction, as if this punishment was exactly what he had set out for. However, as the seconds ticked by; “four… five… six” Hodgens counted in his head for reasons unbeknownst to him, Pelant’s expression changed to something halfway between surprise and offense. It was as if he did not believe that someone should even possess the right to physically touch him, let alone harm him. Hodgens is aware of the fact that Pelant has yet to feel any effects of oxygen deprivation, has not yet begun to feel the life drain from his body. “Twelve… thirteen… fourteen.” Hodgens continues to count, growing ever closer to the satisfaction of watching Pelant struggle for air as his vision became narrower and narrower. Pelant’s face is one of pure fear now, there was no shred of dignity or condescension left, he understands now that he is at the complete mercy of Jack Hodgens, and clemency was nowhere in sight. The lack of oxygen is hitting Pelant hard now, his lungs were screaming for air and his vision reduced effectively to zero. His strength was gone as well, his feeble attempts to dislodge Hodgens’ grip now resembled a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.
Hodgens could feel it now, the life force draining out of the monster’s body, his time was running out. “Twenty-one… twenty-two… twenty-three.” He still feels not even a sliver of doubt about what he was doing; after all it is by all means exactly what this killer deserves. Pelant is no longer able to support his own body weight, the lack of air is beginning to shut down his organ and muscle function. Hodgens knows that the brain will be next to suffer and sure enough, Pelant loses consciousness within the next second. Knowing the end is very near, Hodgens tightens his grip for the final seconds of what most definitely is the biggest decision of his life. “Twenty-eight… twenty-nine… thirty.” Pelant’s lips are a deep blue now; he lies motionless in the grass, never able to hurt anyone else again. Hodgens reluctantly releases his grip on Pelant’s now crushed throat. He leans down to listen for a heartbeat and, finding none, breathes a massive sigh of relief. It’s over. The killings, the harassment, the abuse, its all over and done with. No differently than if he simply knelt down to tie his shoe, Dr. Hodgens rises to his feet, fixes his coat, and walks away knowing in his heart that the world is a better place because of what he had done.