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FF: A Plan, Rebecca, Parker, Booth, and Oc's, G Chymom - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: A Plan, Rebecca, Parker, Booth, and Oc's, G Chymom [Sep. 8th, 2013|06:49 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: A Plan
Series: PD 11/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Rating: G
Summary: Rebecca makes up her mind and sets a plan into action.
Beta: My iPad and I.

A Plan
An hour later Rebecca's mind was made up. She only hoped that she could find the truth after so much time had passed. Over the past hour she had thought of away to get some facts. Now she only had to put it into action. Pulling out her phone she did just that.
"Booth" he answered.
"Seeley, do you have a moment?"
"Rebecca, I'm in the middle of something can it wait?"
"I'll only keep you a moment. Could Parker stay with you this weekend? I know it's short notice but, Drew is out of town and I have some research I have to do this weekend."
"Yes, Parker can stay with me. As long as you don't mind I'm still at Bone's. She's still gone but..."
"That's fine. I'll bring him to your office in an hour." Hanging up the phone with him she took a deep breath before placing her next few calls. The first being to Drew to let him know Parker would be with his dad this weekend. Also that if he tried to call her and she didn't answer not to be upset she was doing some research. When he asked what for she had only said it was a very sensitive subject and she would tell him Sunday when he got home. Her other calls were to set up two meetings at the Diner.
"Mom, why are you here?" Parker spat at her after they left the school.
"How would you like to spend the weekend with your dad?"
"Are you playing with me?" He asked not sure what was going on. For the last few months his dad was someone he longed to spend time with. Was he now getting his chance or was this part of one of his moms games?
"No, you will stay with him until Monday morning. Then he will drop you at school. I packed you a bag. Hope that's alright." Her hands only lightly shaking on the wheel.
"Thank you mom!" He said for the first time all week with out the venom in his voice. Looking in the mirror seeing the small smile on her sons face made her smile as well.
"Dad!" He yelled a few minutes later seeing him in the parking lot.
"Park's, you've gotten big since the last time I saw you."
"What are we doing tonight?" He asked leaving the car without a word to his mom.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Booth asked looking at Rebecca.
"No I got both bags and my home work." He said holding up each item as he talked about it.
"Your mom?"
"Bye mom! Thanks" his words were warm and it looked like he meant them so Booth kept his mouth shut and showed his son to his SUV. It wasn't long after leaving her son with his father that Rebecca pulled into the Diner parking lot.
"Thank you for meeting me here on such short notice today." She told the mother of a class mate of Parker's.
"Not a problem my house is going to be too quiet tonight with only my self at home." The other woman replied.
"A few months ago a woman went to talk to Parker's class on Parents Day. Do you remember much about that day?"
"Oh you mean the person that made it to where the school moved Parents Day to the school gym?"
"They moved it to the gym for each class?" Rebecca asked not knowing of the change before now.
"So many people had bugged Mr. Green about meeting Dr Brennan that the staff thought it best if all the parents gave talks to the whole school at the same time. So each speaker was given a few minutes to talk and then answer questions from the whole school." As she finished speaking a waiter arrived with coffee and a few menu's. The orders were quickly taken and the two women were left alone once again.
"Before Seeley and Brennan arrived others knew they were coming?"
"I heard about her going from another parent who had been in the office when Mr Green was talking about a guest who would be joining his class this year."
"It wasn't Brennan's doing that had them change the location then?"
"In fact I don't think she nor your ex new about it until they got there."
"Why do you say that?" Rebecca asked as their food arrived.
"If the confused look on there faces hadn't given it away, then the total what do I do now look once they entered the gym would have." The other woman remembered that she only noticed the pair due to others commenting on the famous Dr Brennan being in the school. Even months later the looks still made her smile. For the next few minutes the table was silent as the two occupants ate.
"Did she have time alone with Parker?"
" I wondered when you would ask?" The woman answered placing her food down and looking Rebecca in the eyes.
"She and Seeley ate lunch with him. But as far as I know she was only with Parker with his dad there. She did walk away from them at the end of the lunch time fora few minutes but other then that she was with your ex the whole time."
"So you didn't hear her say anything about why she was there?" Rebecca was getting a picture in her mind that didn't match the one she already had of that day.
"No as far as I know the only time she said anything about why she was there was in the middle of her talk. In fact it was Seeley who said it not even her."
"So she's not been trying to turn him against me." Rebecca mumbled mostly to herself.
"Did you notice her do anything to my child?"
"No, in fact she went out of her way to be nice to every one. That includes Mr Green and the rest of the parents."
"Why do you say that?"
"The only time she was away from your ex , Mr Green was talking to her. She didn't hit him or push him against a wall when he touched her. I thought you said she didn't like to be touched?"
"She doesn't. That's surprising. Why did you say she was nice to the parents?"
"Cause she stayed after the talks ended and signed things for them."
"She did?"
"Yes, father and son never left her side. They walked out of the gym together. That's the last thing I saw about them that day."
"Why did you say you we're waiting on me to ask about that day?"
"My son is not as close to Parker this year as in the past few years but, he heard him upset that he couldn't go to his dads as often after that day as he had before. At first I thought it was just boys being boys wanting there dad. But as the months went on it felt like something else."
"You didn't say anything about it before now?"
"As much as I love Parker he's not my son. I can't tell you how to run his life any more than you can tell me how to run my sons." The rest of the meal was filled with small talk about the fast approaching summer. Around an hour later the other mother headed out and another woman took her place in front of Rebecca.
"Hello thanks for joining me tonight."
"Your welcome. I must admit I was some what surprised to get a call from you."
"I won't keep you long. Would you like a cup of coffee?"
A/N: What is going on with Rebecca now? Will she find her answers? Later what happens when Rebecca finds the facts she has are wrong?
Any and all honest feedback is welcome!

[User Picture]From: mendenbar01
2013-09-09 03:40 am (UTC)
rebecca is getting her world totally revised. Hopefully she will come up with the right answers.
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[User Picture]From: chymom
2013-09-11 07:38 pm (UTC)
I have every faith in her. If she can't find out why she's hurt her son then she's not the woman I think her to be!

Edited at 2013-09-12 12:45 am (UTC)
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