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FF: Why?, PD 13/?, Rebecca and Drew, PG, chymom - 'Bones' Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'

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FF: Why?, PD 13/?, Rebecca and Drew, PG, chymom [Sep. 14th, 2013|07:36 pm]
Fanfiction Inspired by the Fox TV Series, 'Bones'


Title: Why?
Series: PD 13/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
People: Rebecca and Drew
Beta: My iPad and I.
Summary: Rebecca finds her answers. What are the and how does she find them?
Rating: PG

"Honey, are you alright?" Drew asked his wife.
"When did you get home?"  She responded looking wide eyed at her husband.
"A few minutes ago. You look like you were a million miles away. What's wrong?"
"I'm not that far away." She said with a hint of a smile on her face.
"Alright then how far away were you? And what research have you been doing?" Here was a sounding board for her. Here was her voice of reason. The other half that made her the person she wanted to be once again.
"Brennan called me yesterday at work."
"She did? Please tell me you didn't bite her head off." His voice calm but his wife could see the ringing out of his hands.
"I was nice. In fact we went for a walk."
"A walk? Where did you go to?"
"We went to the place she helped Parker learn to rock climb."
"Since your here now and not in jail I'm guessing things are better?"
"We talked and she gave me something's to think about."
"Like, she is willing to walk away from her life. The life she's worked so hard to make to keep Parker with his dad. She's no longer living with Seeley. She's paid the rent for the next year so he and Parker can stay there as she moves into a new home. She's made arrangements for a new partner at work. She will be teaching and staying in the lab. Her whole world is changing so that father and son can be together."
"What does that tell you?" He asked her sitting in front of her on the coffee table.
"It tells me that Brennan loves my son and his father with all her heart and soul. Even if she doesn't believe in souls. I don't know what bugs me about her. At first I thought it was that she didn't know how to react with the world around her. But that's not true. She wouldn't be the great teacher she is if she didn't. Then I thought it was that she didn't know how to care for kids. But again she proved me wrong by how she's been nothing but patient and helpful with Parker in his school work and sports. She's been there for him when he got hurt last year in soccer. She helped him with his History and English reports and tests over the years. Then I thought it was she didn't know how to love someone with her whole heart. But yesterday she proved me wrong again. She is willing to not only walk away from a job she loves, her home, but the man she was seeing all so that man could be with his son."
"Brennan may not show love and feelings like most people. She doesn't react like most people to out side stress either. But that's part of what makes her the woman she is. She stands up for what she feels is right! Which in Parkers world she's always right." Drew said looking at his wife before looking her in the eyes and asking a question.
"Now that she's proven you wrong on the past reasons. What's the reason your mad at her?"
"I thought it was the reasons I already said but, that's not true. To be honest I'm not sure what I don't like about her."
"Honey, we both know there is another reason your mad at her."
"I told her I knew she loved Seeley. That in turn she cared for Parker. But then I asked why she was being nice to me. I hadn't gone out of my way to be mean to her. But, I also hadn't gone out of my way to be nice to her either."
"What was her answer?"
"That I was special to Parker and Seeley. In turn I was special to her. And that if we couldn't work this out then she couldn't be with them any more."
"She's right. If you both can't find some common ground things would never be right."
"She also told me something odd."
"What was it?"
"That kids need to feel safe and loved."
"That's not that odd, but still true."
"It wasn't what she said as much as I had heard them earlier that day."
"I'm lost. You heard her say that twice Friday?"
"Okay let's rewind then. Why would a true fact you heard from her be odd?"
"Before I met her I ate at the Diner. My plan had been to eat some where else but I ran out of time. So I gapped a quick bite there. A man in his late fifties or maybe sixties came in. He was telling me about how that was a special day for him."
"A special day like Birthday, wedding day, stopped drinking day?"
"He said it was a year ago his child let him back in their live. That he had hurt them and it took years to make up for the hurt."
"Did he say what he had done!"
"No but he said I couldn't have done to mine what he did to his. I'm not sure what he did. Nor do I wish to know. Not really if it took her  years to let him back in."
"Alright, but what's so odd about it?"
"As he was leaving. He told me kids need to feel safe and loved! That anything could happen if they felt safe and loved."
"So when Brennan said  the same words it felt odd?"
"Yes, I hadn't thought much about it until I got home last night to my empty house."
"Home" He corrected her.
"No house. A home is with the people that love you. "
"Parker and I may have been mad at the way you handled things with Brennan. But, honey we both still love you!" He hugged and gave her a closed lip kiss.
"You know your son feels safe here and you know he knows you and others love him." He watched her head agree with him but still not making eye contact.
"Honey, you know that when she and Seeley became a couple you were happy for them! Sometime over the last few months its changed. You went from happy to quiet. Then to kind of hurt. Followed by pissed off at any talk of your ex and his partner. Like I said I know it's not jealousy. We may have a fight or too but the love we have isn't leave ing it's too strong!" Their eyes met. "What really has/had you upset enough to do what you did?"
"From that question I would guess you have a pretty good idea."
"I have lots of ideas. That's what I'm paid for my ideas. But, I want to hear what you think before I say mine." His words and relaxed flow gave her the encouragement she needed.
"For years all Parker would talk about was Dr Bones. I thought he would get over it when/if she and Seeley ever got there heads on right." Taking a deep breath he placed his hands around one of hers.
"But" he waited for her.
"But, it didn't. It got worse. It went from the once a month to weekly talking. Later it seemed all he talked about is how Bones did this. Or Bones showed me that. When Seeley stayed some weekends with her she helped Parker with his home work."
"She's always helped him with his home work honey. Why is now different?" One hand still holding hers while his other lifted her chin.
"Before she would come to some of his games and not know what was going on. Now she knows his stats. She is giving him hints on how to better his games. Before yea she helped from time to time with school work and the odd ends here and there. Now it's like he has to have her say before he can do anything."
"Darling, that's a lot of words in there.  Is there away for you to tell me what your trying to say using small easy words?"
"I'm working late hours lately. But it seems like she was always there."
"Are you scared he is loving her and not you?" Her quick stand knocked Drew back a bit.
"He told me she treated him like a grown up. I try to. I don't think of him as the toddler that needed me. I just wish that he still needed me." The last part was more of a whisper then spoken.
He let her have a moment before he joined her. Walking up behind her pulling her to his chest enclosed in his warm loving arms.
"Sweetheart, he knows you love him. He knows your his mom!"
"But he wants her."
"That son of ours has a big heart like his mother! There is more then enough room in it for all four of us plus more." The smoking look that passed between them only grew the closer their lips grew together.
They slowly made the short trip from living room to bed room leaving a trail of clothing along the way. Not waiting to make it to the bed Drew pulled his wife to him  and quickly showed her that she was home.
The quick love making against the wall was just the start. During the  night the quick satisfaction turned into gentle love making. By mid day Sunday Rebecca was sore in places that she hadn't been in a long time. But given the choice she would do last night again in a heart beat!
A/N:  How do things work for Parker and Booth on Sunday? Later why is Bones hiding behind Angela's  door?
Thanks to everyone who has and will read this story! Any and all honest feedback  is welcome!

[User Picture]From: mendenbar01
2013-09-16 04:00 am (UTC)
Looks like Rebecca is suffering from severe separation anxiety and a wee touch of jealousy. The more she tries to keep Parker just for herself, the more she is going to push him away and one day he will simply be gone.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: chymom
2013-09-22 11:10 pm (UTC)
Yep! I hope now she knows what's wrong things will go right! Thanks for reading!
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